To help the well being and healing of parents who lose a baby at any birth whether in a hospital or in the home setting

Jennifer F. Healy started the Emmet Foundation in an effort to offer comfort to us in our time of intense need after the death of our son Emmet as a result of a very tragic home birth accident that subsequently ended at Cape Cod Hospital.

We have been slowly recovering and would like find a way to offer Cape Cod,Massachusetts parents comfort in THEIR time of intense need based on what we have experienced.

We would like to donate the following items to Cape Cod hospital for their parents who suffer the loss of a baby:

Home made or store bought blankets- that these special babies can be swaddled in and then the blankets can taken home afterwards for parents to have and hold.

Books that help with explaining why stillbirth happens- that can be sent home with parents: everything before a stillbirth says: this won't happen to me; everything afterwards says: WHY ME?!

creature comforts- small gift cards for groceries, or anything else a family may need, gift baskets

raising funds to buy the Nurses and Doctors creature comforts for the work they do

Organizing a grass roots effort to get Midwifery regulation related legislation passed in Massachusetts

These small gestures can go a long way in alleviating those first weeks of suffering that parents experience. Please donate what you can. We want to reach out and show parents that they need not suffer alone.

Any amount no matter how great or small will go a long way in helping parents get the space they need to recover in the first months after their tragic losses.

1. Losing a child to stillbirth is one of life's greatest tragedies

2. Although professionals are well trained and caring there is much more to be done!

3. Stillbirth affects approximately 1 in 200 people and families sometimes cannot get a definitive answer as to why the stillbirth occurred

4. The death of a baby at a home birth is uncharted territory, the Emmet Foundation offers help to those who suffer this great tragedy

5. The Holloman-Silva- Beetz Family is working diligently on passing Senate Bill 847 and House Bill 2080 in the Massachusetts Legislature.