inform the people about the genocide in Darfur and what is occurring in Uganda.

The definition of an Upstander is a person who stands up for what they believe is right. The Genocide in Darfur is an important topic for people to be informed about. Not many people know what is even currently happening in Darfur as well as what the LRA does to children in Uganda. Please look at the posted items below the description for other updates and news!

FACT: The Invisible Children are kids in Africa. In most cases, their parents have died from AIDS. So, they are left to roam the roads with their siblings, or just by themselves. It seems like life couldn't get any worse for these people, but it does. The Janjaweed is a group of children who have been captured and forced into a life in which they are trained to use guns and kill family or friends. They go looking for children at night. Most children who have no parents walk up to 8 miles in just one day to stay in a safe village overnight. There are children that even leave their homes at night because they fear for their safety,(being captured) as well as their parents. If the children don't kill the other children, they'd get into a lot of trouble. Fortunatly, some of the children are able to escape the Janjaweed, but in some other cases they get captured again. These poor children are fighting for their lives... we have to do something!

FACT: You can call the White House Comment Line to make a difference. You would leave a message with an operator, and the votes per cause would be tallied at the end of the day. The cause with the most tallies would then go on to reach a higher White House Official.
On savedarfur.org, they usually would show something that notifies the public, urging to call the Comment Line. They would even give you exactly what to say in your message! It's a quick, efficient way to get your voice heard.

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