Be an Upstander is in America's Giving Challenge—Let's win $50,000!

Hi everyone, Our cause just entered in America's Giving Challenge, which gives us a chance to win $50,000! Please donate today: To win, between now and November 7th we have to get the most…Read More

Put An End To The Violence

In a recent letter from the Save Darfur Coalition they stated, "A college student in Sudan was recently shot on the spot because security forces-- who later prevented condolence visits to his family-said his hair and skin color resembled those of the Darfur…Read More

Make a Difference

Hey everyone, I just wanted to give you an update... There's still a lot of trouble in Darfur. Peacekeepers were attacked again a few weeks ago. If anyone can donate to this cause, it doesn't matter the size of the amount... you would be taking matters into…Read More

Keeping YOU up-to-date

Recently, there has been an attack on 20 Peacekeepers that had been deployed to Sudan. They were not seriously injured.
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