We've done it and hit 2,000 members....

Thank you all who have joined, lets now see if we can get to 3,000! Brain aneurysm is a silent killer, and I don't think until you've had a loved one die of one that you truly understand how deadly they are. There's no forewarning to prepare you for a sudden…Read More

We did it... over 1,000 strong!

I'm so happy that we are going strong and now have over a 1,000 members! Each day we have someone new join. Until you have been through or being touched by this silent killer you can't comprehend the devastion if causes to loved ones. My heart goes out to…Read More

1,000 members her we come!

Thank you to all that have been touched by or become a member, we are currently at 975 members... so close to 1,000! When I first started this I had no idea that we could get so many members. I can't thank you enough for joining. And for those of you that…Read More

Thank you

Well to say that I am pleasantly surprised at the number of members we now have would be a huge understatement! Thank you all so very much for your support and continued interest in the group. Through our efforts this cause is gaining momentum and becoming a…Read More

Purchase of Awareness Pins

This is a terrific place to order Awareness pins online, can vouch for the company as I have purchased quite a few from them. Their international postage rates are also fair. They have a pin for every occassion. I hope you can find one that you're looking…Read More


Unfortunately a donation bar cannont be set up for countries outside the USA. If anyone is interested in donation to the cause, it would be very much appreciate that donations be made to The ALFRED http://www.alfred.org.au/alfredfoundation/ or Life…Read More


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