5000 ElderHelpers Volunteers and Counting

Thanks to great people like you, 5000 volunteers around the world willing to help older adults in their community signed up for Elder Helpers. And 1000 more are signing up every month. This is a movement and it is growing! It is an amazing and efficient…Read More

Get Help With Your Elders

Thousands of volunteers have signed up to the Elder Helpers program around the globe - spread the word amongst friends and family: Help is available immediately at http://www.elderhelpers.org/Read More

Volunteers are available to help in your area: http://www.elderhelpers.org

  Volunteers are available  to help in your area: http://www.elderhelpers.org  (http://www.elderhelpers.org) Thousands of people have volunteered across the country! Go to http://www.elderhelpers.org (http://www.elderhelpers.org) today to find help for a…Read More

Help us spread the word in one click on facebook!

Help us raise awareness and money during the Holiday season! Learn how to spread the word on facebook and other sites at http://www.healthyyears.org/fundraiser.php (http://www.healthyyears.org/fundraiser.php) Have fun raising awareness! Thank you for your…Read More

Help us spread the word in one click on Digg.com!

Help us spread the word in one click on Digg.com! http://digg.com/news/lifestyle/elder_helpers (http://digg.com/news/lifestyle/elder_helpers)   Click on "Digg it" to help us spread the word about elderhelpers.org!   Have a great Sunday everyone!

New facebook cause!

Hi Folks, The Elder Helpers program now has its own facebook cause! Join, invite your friends, and pledge your support! http://www.causes.com/causes/525301 (http://www.causes.com/causes/525301)   Elder Helpers (http://www.elderhelpers.org) "Bringing…Read More

A simple gesture can go a long way

  Friend: We need your help with a little bit of viral marketing, please paste this in your facebook status and leave it there for a few days: "If you like the Elder Helpers program: http://www.elderhelpers.org, please paste this in your status!" Thank you…Read More
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