Fight Alzheimer's disease

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Alzheimer's disease is a horrible aging disease. To fight it, we connect organizations involved with aging research, facilitate the exchange of information, provide publications and bring people together to understand why aging research is requiring their full attention.

We pledge to encourage the responsible development of therapies that will have for consequence to alleviate suffering and have an overall beneficial effect on society.

Let's improve the quality of the years to come for everyone!

Please help us fight Alzheimer's disease at its root.

1. Our action is geared towards obtaining more time to live and thrive, while lessening the likelihood of suffering in the later years of life.

2. An important part of our mission is to communicate to the public that aging treatments would prevent aging diseases such as cancer and many others.

3. We publish studies uncovering the effects and implications of aging treatments relating to human genetics and heredity.

4. We publish studies about the opportunities and risks of extended lifespan, and the impact in environmental, economic, sociological and other fields.