Repeal the 6%, and Container Limit laws in Alabama

It’s time to improve the image of Alabama... and the image of beer. You may not know it from all the TV advertising, but the beers we’re talking about are specialty products. 97% of the beer consumed in Alabama is mass-market “light lager.” But within that remaining 3% market share, there’s a world of premium beer that’s unavailable to Alabamians. In many cases, these excluded beers are aged like fine wine and are handled and consumed with the same respect. Many come from long traditions of craftsmanship in the countries where they are produced (including religious orders), or they represent American brewers’ new interest in classic styles of beer.

1. Amend Alabama State Code §28-3-1(3) addressing the regulation of alcoholic beverages.

2. Repeal Alabama State Code §28-3A-23(g) addressing the size limit of containers sold