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Transitioning and Reaching Out

In every organization, there comes a transition from the founders to the first generation after the founders. This transition is challenging because a lot of institutional knowledge is walking out the door. Sure, if you hand it correctly, you can still talk to those people, but it is not the same as having them there in the room with you.

The N. Donald Diebel Jr. MD Good Samaritan Fund is still managing this transition. For those that do not know, two of our founding members, Joe Meier and Drew Samelson, resigned from our Board several months ago. While many of us knew this day would come, it was also a challenge because, put simply, if not for Joe and Drew, we would not have the Diebel Good Samaritan Fund.

We have made some great decisions in the mean time and are learning a lot of the little things that our former members did to make our operations smoother. Joe and Drew, and Michael Snure have accepted our offer of being Board Members Emeritus and will continue to support and contribute to the fund, albeit in a much less visible and time consuming manner.

We feel very positive and excited about the new members that have joined our board since Joe and Drew left. Dr. Noah Babin has been a big supported of the Fund for many years, along with his medical practice and we are excited to have his experience and insight added to our team. Scott Zarenchansky has also been a long time supporter of the Fund, and has a lot of experience in working with charitable organizations. Both of our newest board members are bringing fresh insights and actions to the organization.

At this point, I am reaching out to all of you. Especially those of you that are local to the Central Florida region. As with our Board of Directors, our Fundraiser Committee is transitioning. Many of our long term volunteers have moved to their next service opportunity.

There are two main ways that people support a charitable organization: time and treasure. The treasure is of course the fuel for our programs and how we support the Central Florida Community. However, many people don't realize how valuable time is to an all-volunteer organization like ours.

The A Night for Champions (ANFC) Committee is co-chaired this year by Anne Diebel-Lane and Scott Zarenchansky and is looking for new members. Ideally, we would like to find five more people to join the committee. During the weeks leading up to the December event, we tend to meet more often, but for now, the meetings are as needed, which is usually every 2 weeks.

You might be thinking, "What can I do? I am just....." You can do a lot. You can be a Champion of the Central Florida Community. Your ideas can be the insight that we need. Your time can be the help that we need. Your contacts can help us create an event that will raise awareness of the message of the Good Samaritan.

We are looking for 5 people to join our A Night for Champions Committee. Are you one of those 5? If so, please contact Pete Diebel here on Facebook.

Thank you for your support of the Diebel Good Samaritan Fund.

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