janelles picture

thank chris shempp for scanning the pic from the year book for me to post it. anybody else that has pics send them to [email protected] and i will post them,, again thanks folks.

i couldnt post everything on the page you see you have to click on the see expanded info,,please do

ya have to click on the see expanded info to read what was wrote,,its throwin some folks cause they dont even know its there,,,so all you can do s great


hey folks i put this thing together to get some ideas about how we can let janelles family know that she is not forgotten,, that they arent the only ones who miss her. those of you who havent i would like you to click the see extended info and give it a read.…Read More

all of you

thanx for joining up.I only have a few pics of janelle and none stored on digital media. So if anyone has a pic of her stored on hardrive or whatever i would like it so i can put her pic up instead of thewolf,, only reason i put that pic on there was because…Read More
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