one more try

lets give it one more go , and try to add as many people as we can , add friends and friends friends ... we are up to 122 people total . and we are going to need a whole lot more if we ever plan on truely legalizing marijuana for crohns patients .. please…Read More

Fellow Crohnies

We are doing well fighting this cause , so far we together have recruited 112 members I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has taken time to send out more invites ! I hope that each and everyone of you are feeling great and having a good start to…Read More

This is a friendly reminder to push this cause!

Everyone who has taken the time to join this cause did so for a reason weather you have a friend who has the disease or you are a Crohns patient yourself , We all share in the need for weed , this helps us but we need others support , we need dr's nurses or…Read More
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