You did it! Mattel cuts ties with rainforest destruction!

Dear Friends, Because of you, we’re one step closer to protecting the last Sumatran tigers. Our campaign to get Mattel, the world’s biggest toy company, to stop doing business with Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) has ended in a resounding victory. This is great…Read More

A toxin-free Mother's Day

TAKE ACTION: Let’s save lives by limiting mercury pollution from coal fired power plants! Friends, As many as 1 in 6 American women have…Read More

Stand with the people of Japan - join us March 28th

Friends, The people of Japan are going through a terrible crisis. But they are not going it alone. There’s been an outpouring of support from people around the world and the situation has truly brought out the best in humankind. Here in the United States,…Read More

BREAKING: Victory: Costco Announces New Seafood Policy!

Hi Friends, I have great news. After just eight months of pressure, Greenpeace's campaign to get Costco to establish a more sustainable seafood policy has ended with a victory. This is a huge win for the oceans. Costco is one of the largest seafood…Read More

Greenpeace Semester: Summer Session!

Hey Student Activists! Looking to get in-depth, action-packed, hands-on training this summer? If you are passionate about protecting our planet, we're looking for you to enroll in our Greenpeace Semester! The early deadline is February 7th, 2011, so click now…Read More

Tell President Obama to end commercial whaling once and for all by reforming the IWC.

Dear Activists, As you read this, the Japanese whaling fleet is busy killing whales in the Southern Ocean. Just like they did last year and just like they will again this time next year if nothing changes at the International Whaling Commission (IWC). But…Read More

YOU Can Save Them Today

Greetings, In September, the sea ice in the Arctic plummeted to its third lowest level in recorded history, following an alarming trend of decreasing summer sea ice caused by global warming. Polar bears can’t survive without their sea ice habitat, and they…Read More
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