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Hello Again Everybody

Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a while and I know you probably all know about Judge Moore's ruling and the subsquent Supreme Court rejection of TAD's latest and hopefully last appeal, so today I come to you for a different reason and you must excuse me for getting on my soapbox but I must. The year of 2010 was a rough year for police officers all over this country with almost 200 dead and 2011 is starting out even worse with not just deaths on the rise but violent deaths the worst ever recorded. Now you are probably asking why I am telling you this, I am telling you this because you are the ones who say they care what happens to our policemen and women. You are the ones who have stood by the Macphails as they have taken on this battle and it has been a battle, but I see another battle brewing the battle to protect Mark's brothers and sisters in blue and their families. Two hundred familes last year and that breaks my heart, because I wonder if America will ever learn the grief that is shared among the boys and girls in blue and their families. The only way that will happen is if we stand up and say proudly we support the police. We will not stand for them being gunned down in the street by people who have no regaurd for human life, and no you don't need to believe in the death penalty to say that, although I do and I am proud to say that too. It will take all of us and more to change the current perception of our police and they are OURS. They protect us from the wolves at the door and make our homes a safe place. They allow us to leave our homes and feel safe on the street, in resturants, banks, and malls, so it is up to US to stand with them when one falls protecting US.

Okay I am off of my soapbox now

Mary Henry


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