Update in Sheet and a request

AoA, To let the brothers and sister know, we are in contact for food air drop from multan air base. Chinook helicopters from UAE are based in MULTAN. We are planning to deliver them a truck of food items to be air dropped in areas which are water locked in…Read More

Assalam o Alaikum

AoA, Dear all, once again our beloved country is in pain. Our brethren affected by the flood need our help. The initial plan is to send them food items. We are going to contact National Disaster Management Authority to know where and what is…Read More

Outflow Sheet Updated

AoA, Outflow sheet has been updated. Please Visit for details http://help-nation.org/ Best Regards,

Children in Pakistan

Inflow / Outflow sheet updated

AoA, Both the inflow sheet and the outflow sheet has been updated. Please Visit for details http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=rfSUTLr9B4t0688mTm2h5eQ&[email protected]&t=3601863743230569249&guest Best Regards, Usama

Funds Needed for further activities

AoA, Brothers and sisters, funds are needed to continue further activities. We have following tasks to accomplish. 1. Provide CASH to the IDPs as we did earlier. 2. A joint effort along with CARE & Kaavish to deliver Fans and food packages as done in…Read More

Inflow / Outflow sheet updated

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