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June of this year

This June of this year, Thailand wants to repatriate all the Hmong people in the refugee camps back to Laos. Which basically means that Thailand is going to be sending the Hmong back to Laos to get exterminated. This is something that the Hmong are dreading. If you would like to help here are ways you can:

1. With you school, gather a mini-group and join the cause with us by spreading the word faster to more audiences ( Don't hesitate contacting us)

2. Write letters to your city and state representatives asking for more activity from your community leaders and more education for the public on the Hmong situation.

3. Visit our Facebook, Myspace, and become a friend and support us.

4. Give us your ideas

5. Educate yourself! And share what you know with others, such as your family.

Watch the film Hunted like Animals By Rebecca Sommer

Read the book Tragic Mountain By Dr. Jane Hamilton-Merrit

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