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Hmong Awareness Movement VIRTUAL MARCH PLEASE JOIN!

H.A.M. virtual march!
so that you will all have enough time to participate and make it all work out. This all depends on you guys! (this is the type of march where you are letting your fingers do the marching on your computers!)

These are the guidelines:

- send your email address to [email protected]
-Jenni will then send you the H.A.M. powerpoint, flyer, brochure, logo, points to cover in presentation, and points that the H.A.M. lead group covers
- You find your own audience and time and place to present ( school, home, wherever to whomever)
- then Present. Put your own voice to the powerpoint, change it up a little, make it your own and comfortable to you. This is where you are helping the suffering Hmong people have a bigger voice.
- As you are presenting, take a picture of you presenting (or record it) also include your audience
-Send your pictures and videos back to [email protected]
- At the end of the virtual march (which is in MAY) H.A.M. will post up a video of all of the efforts that made the virtual march, send it to the capitol of MN and help push for the bill to teach youth about the Hmong people in schools be passed

This is a virtual march!!!
The point is to have everyone be active in raising awareness! You wanted a part, well here is your chance! and this is the easiest!

At the end of this event, the videos and photos will be compiled together and will be sent to the capitol of Minnesota to help push the bill for the Hmong to be taught about in Social Studies/ History classes!
This compilation of our hard work will show how much we all care and how powerful we all are when we work together for such an important message!

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