We want to end the harsh trials of the Hmong by raising awareness

This war has been going on for 34 years now. We believe it should STOP!

H.A.M. would like to uncover a long-buried history of genocide, exodus and ongoing oppression through raising awareness to an audience that relates to its speakers whom are young yet hope to lead- the youth of America.

A Preview of our petition

Hmong Awareness Movement Petition

The Hmong Situations are tragedies. We would like to do as much as we can, or at least show how much we care. Please consider joining our voice for the Hmong people who have had to face strong trials for over 34 years and also still face hardships today. As of right now, the most important issue that needs t be addressed is the refugee and repatriation problem. Our voice needs to demand:

• Hmong refugees in Thailand not be forced to be repatriated

• Thailand to allow screening of Hmong refugees directed by the United Nations and the United States of America and other supporting countries

• Hmong to be allowed to freely seek refuge in countries that fully welcome and are ready to care for the Hmong people

• More political effect for humanitarian activity with the help of many humanitarian organizations and America’s government support by funding and providing needs such as
o healthy food
o Sanitary utensils
o Blankets
o Security for the Hmong people in Laos
o Easy communication availability for Hmong in Thailand and Laos
o More doctors and medical aid for the Hmong people

* Repatriation means the return of the Hmong refugees to Laos. Thailand has chosen to force them back because of the pressure from Laos, and because there are too many to handle since many of them are fakes who risk the success of helping the true refugees who seek help for their lives. Laos is found to be a danger for the Hmong because of the fear of the strong Hmong persecution that causes many horrible deaths.

**Screening of the Hmong refugees in Thailand have been an issue since Thailand does not allow for any third party to join in on an interview of the Hmong refugee. During the screening (interview/ interrogation) of a Hmong refugee in Thailand, questions are asked to discover whether or not the refugee is truly a refugee, and to find more information about the Hmong who are still in the jungles of Laos. The interviews are usually ineffective, and the Hmong are forced to either stay in the horrible living conditions provided in the camps or forced to be volunteers to be turned over to Laos, where people often go missing.

***Countries all over the world, especially countries of Europe (such as France) are willing to have their doors open to the Hmong people who are forced to face the trials that they do. Therefore, Hmong refugees should be able to seek refuge freely if Thailand finds such an issue with them.

*** *Though many of the Hmong refugees have been repatriated, and the repatriation issue grows larger, the refugees in the camps should still be helped and be able to live better during their stay in the camps. Organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, and Humanity Helping Humanity (also known as Hmoob Hlub Hmoob, or simply H3) is already making efforts to provide humanitarian aid to the people in Thailand and Laos, yet they also still need the rest of the community’s support and the support of the entire American government.

1. We want to save the Hmong from the persecution they are forced to because they once sided with America for democracy

2. We want to increase United States participation with the Hmong issues

3. To educate today and tomorrows youth about the Hmong and the hardships they are going through.

4. We want to help the Hmong refugees

5. We want to find the truths of the Hmong issues