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Gday team, Thanks for stickin with me and the changeover from Brick Aid to MIVAC and I hope ya know that MIVAC is truly a wonderful cause to be involved. I ask you to keep up recruiting and raising awareness of the plight of some peoples affected by one of…Read More

Brick Aid merge with MIVAC

Greetings, As of now Brick Aid has merged with MIVAC,it was a hard desicion for me but it had to be done, MIVACS mission is an important one and I wil stil need your valued support. If you would like to become involved in a Newcastle chapter of MIVAC pls…Read More

Disbandment of Brick Aid (BA)

Greetings all, As you may be aware I set up BA to respond to emergencies in developing countries. As much as I have tried I have not ben able to rally the support needed to maintain such an org therefore I have decided to disband it.Having said that I dont…Read More

Haiti puppet shows and workshops joint venture Brick Aid and Mangofriends

Only days till Stefan travels to Haiti to begin the reconaissance for the puppet shows and workshops we are hoping to deliver to some of the communitites affected by a devastating earthquake. We are still very short of any funding we have a few people helping…Read More


Stefan willl travel to Haiti end of Feb to mid march to conduct reconaissance and do some medical aid(he is a highly skilled paramedic)He will be sourcing places where Brick Aid and Mangofriends may be able to deliver some much needed entertainment to the…Read More

Haiti 2

The bank details i should of put on other bulletin. Newcastle Permanent Building Society Brick Aid BSB 650000 acct 986895700


Greetings all, Im sure I dont have to go on about the subject, let it be said the need is great and real. On that note I would personally like to thank the following people for their donations and support, Helen and Derek T Tiffany and Orly Mal and Julie…Read More
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