We are a 501 charity that uses every cent raised to directly rescue, vet and alter pound dogs across Ohio and southern USA.

All the positions are volunteer and the money goes for food and high medical costs. We have dogs who come in the door needing surgery or puppies who contract parvo or other maladies. We have pets that have been left at the pound due to medical conditions their former owners did not want to pay for, and animals surrendered due to death or infirmity of caretakers. The concept of Paws and Prayers was that a foster can take the animal that touches their heart, nurse and mentor that animal until he/she can find his/her fur-ever home. It has worked over and over again and will continue to work with your help.

1. Please visit us at www.pawsandprayers.org to understand how much we have been able to accomplish.

2. We are an entirely foster based rescue group. Every dog and cat we pull from the pound goes into a loving foster home.

3. All donations and adoption fees go right back into the next animal.

4. We ensure that every dog or cat we rescue is spayed or neutered before being adopted.

5. We never turn an animal down because of injuries or heartworm. No much is too much to help save a life.