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Help protect the vulnerable from disasters, help reduce disaster risks, contribute to MAHAL's project funds. All contributions will be fully accounted. For details, contact Mr. Ned de Guzman, MAHAL Executive Director.

Being Alert Can Save Lives

Kung alerto, malayo sa peligro! So many things we have to remind others to save the vulnerable from disasters: earthquake especially if you are in Manila, Paranaque, and Muntinlupa, El Nino or drought while in some places flash floods, HIV which is growing…Read More

Mindoro Nickel Project: Threat to Mindoro's Safety

The Mindoro Nickel Project is situated in the central part of Mindoro Island covering portions of both Oriental and Occidental Mindoro, home of many important indemic endangered flora and fauna, home of the Mangyan Indigenous Peoples. It coincides with…Read More

Being prepared can save lives

1. Know what to do in case of typhoons, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires, or other emergencies. 2. Know what to have (example: first aid kit, flshlight, candles, matches., fresh spare batteries, portable radio, basic equipment for…Read More

July 1-31 is National Disaster Conscciousness Month in the Philippines

Dear Members, This year's National Disaster Consciousness Month has the recurring theme “’Pag Alerto, Malayo sa Peligro” (roughly ltranslated-When alerted, you are far from disaster) and focuses on major activities centered on building community resilience…Read More
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