Since life depends on the existance of nature, and too much has been lost already, we must save what's left and desperately work together as fast as we can to recover what's been lost.

Something belongs to you. It has value. They are taking it away from you, laughing all the way to their bank with your money. And a small detail, we cannot long survive with out it. The forests and the soil, air and water, climate and weather they produce belong to us all as part of the commons. No one has a right, even on their own property, to harm the rest of us downwind, downstream, downhill or even downtime. With fair pricing and whole cost accounting there are far better sources of building and paper products than from our forests of trees which provide far more valuable services, standing and alive. Even when dead they provide life as they recycle back into the soil. There is no waste in nature. We may argue over what the replacement cost of a 300, 300 or 500 year old tree is. We may not know what nature is worth in monetary terms, but the one thing we can all agree on is that it's not what they claim it's worth in their rather fraudulent accounting, zero. To them life and nature is an "externality" and it doesn't count even though what they trash or destroy in the natural world may be worth 1,000 times more than what they get in money. If we're to survive there must be No more deals. No more negotiated settlements. No more compromises. No more lies. Stop them before they kill again. Our future depends on it. And with a small group of committed, persevering people nothing is impossible. For readily understandable context read The Lorax by Dr Seuss, The Giving Tree, or watch the Story of Stuff (avail online), or Albert A Bartlett's presentation on the Exponential Function (population & growth). Tim Hermach, 541.688.2600

1. Nature is part of the Commons. Nature has value far greater than any products we get by harming, liquidating, extracting or destroying nature.

2. Teddy Roosevelt had few if any kind words for the timber industry destroying our forests, the lungs of the planet, cause our extinction.

3. To cut or not to cut is the question and what's the best use of our trees & forested watersheds. The stumps don't lie. See at www.forestcouncil.org