A Problem with the Climate in Texas

This is a very thoughtful article with a well written argument as to why the threat of climate change should matter to Christians. If you know a religious person who misquotes the Bible and mistakenly uses their religious beliefs as a means by which to deny…Read More

Extreme Summer Heat the Result of Climate Change

"A new statistical analysis from NASA reveals that the extreme summer heat felt by many Americans this year is the result of global warming. Hari Sreenivasan talks to Columbia University's James Hansen who says the greatest barrier to public recognition of…Read More

It's worse than we thought

Be worried. Be very, very worried.

"A pair of NASA satellite images taken just four days apart tells a potentially worrying story of melting ice in the polar summer. The first, snapped from orbit on July 8, shows about 40 percent of the Greenland ice sheet shaded in pink or red to illustrate…Read More

Global Warming's Terrifying New Math

We may very well be the first and only species in history intelligent enough to see the demise of our way of life coming. We may also be the first and only species in history dumb enough to do nothing to try and stop…Read More

Federal court upholds polar bear status as threatened species

E. Thomas McClanahan confused by language, science, the world

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