We are a network of marine conservation practitioners working in Asia and the Pacific who have joined together to increase the success of our efforts.

The Network's membership consists largely of conservation projects that are using (or planning on using) an LMMA approach, and includes:

--Community members
--Traditional leaders
--Conservation staff
--Academics and researchers

These members span the people and cultures of Southeast Asia, Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia and the Americas. Some nations have their own country-wide network, which operates independently from, but within the framework of the overall Network.

1. The LMMA Network's vision includes healthy ecosystems and communities, abundant fish and other marine resource stocks, and sustainable fisheries.

2. Sustainable development in coastal communities. Protected marine biodiversity.

3. Understanding of ecological and socio-economic responses to LMMA implementation

4. We seek to reach our vision by networking practitioners and researchers who are committed to sharing experiences

5. visit www.LMMAnetwork.org for more information