Extra Thanks / Press Coverage!

Hey Everyone, I know you probably didn't think I'd be sending out any more announcements after the conclusion of the rally - but I had to make a point to send one out tonight. It seems like, every day as I look at my facebook profile, this group is growing…Read More

Awesome Job Today!

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to let you know that our work, today, was incredibly successful! We were able to draw a lot of attention to the issue in a way that was peaceful, tolerant, and fun. I cannot thank all of you enough for your cooperation and…Read More

Final Info For Tomorrow's Rally

Hello Everyone, As of right now, our cause has grown to almost 1,500 people! I cannot thank all of you enough for your efforts; we have a very unique opportunity to make a difference. Speaking of an opportunity to make a difference, we need to discuss the…Read More

Rally at the State House - Important Information!!

Hello Everyone, I know this message seems long, but every piece of information is INCREDIBLY important - please take the time to read through it! Let me preface this announcement by informing you that we have, as a cause, grown over 1,000 members! It has…Read More


Hello Everyone, First of all, let me say that I am incredibly pleased that we have reached [at least] 555 members! Our willingness to support all that is tolerant, peaceful, and humanitarian is incredibly evident in our strong showing! Now on to some…Read More

UPDATE 5.19.09

Hello Everyone, I'm posting this brief update in order to allow everyone to know that, tomorrow evening, I will be sending out a mass-notification to every member of the group. In that notification, I will outline some of the logistics for our rally, and…Read More

Counter Protest 5.29.09

Hello Everyone, This cause was not designed to be just an online rally - instead, all members of this rally (and anyone else we can find!) are invited to help us form a counter-protest to the Westboro Baptist Church. Remember this date: 5.29.09. We will…Read More
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