Combat extreme poverty in our world

While Facebook has made it extremely easy to both create and join causes, we ask that you please read the information below about Poverty Stops Here if you are interested in joining this cause.
Poverty Stops Here exists for the sole purpose of making life just a little bit better for people in our world who have been plagued by the effects of extreme poverty. We do this by partnering with villages suffering with extreme poverty and creating sustainable projects that help better the lives of the local citizens. On that note, we believe that joining a cause should propel us to do something about the cause we join.
We ask that you please commit to one of the suggestions below.
1.) Pray for the situation in parts of our world where people are suffering from extreme poverty. Pray for the people, the governments, and for Poverty Stops Here once a week.
2.) Host a Poverty Stops Here event. Please visit our website for more information about how to host an event http://www.povertystopshere.org/act-spread.php
3.) Buy a Poverty Stops Here T-shirt or two. If you feel up to it, take a picture wearing the shirt and email it to [email protected]. We would like to catalog the growing number of people who are standing up to extreme poverty. 100% of profits from sale of t-shirts go directly towards poverty alleviation in the villages we partner with. See current album here –
4.) Give to the cause – Poverty Stops Here. We are 100% transparent with our finances. Whatever dollars need to be spent in The States to further this cause will be contributed by PSH Officers and Board Members. Please check our website for more information on projects and finances. http://www.povertystopshere.org/about-finances.php
5.) Send this cause invitation to 25 of your friends. Sending it to 50 will be a lot better.
6.) Read up on the featured “country of the month” or read some of the books we recommend on our website. http://www.povertystopshere.org/learn-books.php
7.) Try something that gives you a sense of what it’s like to be a little less fortunate in our world, and as you do this think about the fact that for a vast majority of people, this is the definition of every day of their lives. Some suggestions:
a. Volunteering at a homeless shelter, local food pantry, or an orphanage.
b. Be intentional about doing something good for someone less fortunate once a month.
c. If you’re a student, study abroad – in a less developed country. If you’re working, vacation in a poor country.
d. Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle - Plato.
The belief that we cannot end the extreme poverty suffered by millions in our world is not only erroneous but it is devoid of hope, and more importantly, it is devoid of exactly the kind of hope we need to do just that. Extreme poverty is not bigger than us. Nothing is.
We can do better. We can be better.

1. Please read our description if you are interested in joining this cause.

2. Extreme poverty is not bigger than us.