1800 Members and GROWING!!

What satisfaction we can all take in seeing such great support for Florida State Sovereignty. So many of us have forwarded and emailed friends to join this great project. Keep it up! Use the INVITE FRIENDS button on the site. But we must understand that the…Read More

New York Times Article On State Sovereignty/Obama Care

 Like the old saying goes... 'you know you are making progress when the media denounces you.' This happened today with a front page article pooh-poohing the 10th Amendment. The New York Times called in the experts and pronounced the the State Sovereignty…Read More

Stand Up And Cheer For Florida State Sovereignty

No we haven't signed it into Florida's law books yet. But in just FOUR short months we have gained over 1725 members for this Facebook site and 1026 on our other sister site at…Read More

Florida State Sovereignty And Upcoming Elections

I've listened carefully to the two front-running candidates for Governor of Florida. Neither has made a peep about Florida State Sovereignty. This is much more important than we might suspect. As we know, several state house and senate members have come out…Read More

Tea Party's And Florida State Sovereignty

 What an exciting weekend! Washington, D.C. 9/12 March surpassed all expectations. Then across the state of Florida their were multiple Tea Party rallies. Where do we go from here? I will submit that we have to get behind sovereignty for Florida. No other…Read More

Announcing The Florida Sovereignty Summit Sept. 11&12

A statewide conference with many workshops and breakout sessions. The time has come to get serious about preparing for Florida's declaration of her 10th Amendment rights. To get us started will be our special guest speaker for the weekend, Barry Goldwater,…Read More

Imperialism: Obama Administration Threatens to Withhold Funds If Oklahoma Makes English The Offical Language Of The State

Aug 19 2009 Posted by G.J. Merits Read Obama’s Imperial Decree: Target Oklahoma: Remember the good old days, when one only had to watch out for the Federal Government’s twisted interpretation of the commerce clause to justify tyranny? Well those days seem…Read More
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