A project to preserve human life to make people get back home safe because we know roads can kill or maim..

• To reach out to Government, Media, Corporates and Community to solicit their support to prevent colossal waste of human life on Indian roads as India holds the dubious distinction of highest road crash fatalities in the World.
• To work as a pressure group to create political will and help improve road safety situation.
• Sensitize masses by raising awareness about road traffic injuries, their grave consequences and thus build community involvement around the issue of Road Safety.
 Develop cost effective road safety programs to increase knowledge, awareness and skills amongst the Indian road users.
 To change the attitudes and behaviours of drivers by creating peoples movement for safe behaviour.
 Promote a positive attitude towards enforcement laws and infuse sense of courtesy and concern among road users.
 Regularly monitor relevant local and international road statistics and developments in order to effect improvements.

1. http://www.arrivesafe.org