bastard ss

this morning it went to court for my granddaughter Jodi-lee and ss won again through lies they will be celebrating there bonuses for ripping another happy child from her family and totally destroying there world leaving so much pain u could never imagine. I…Read More

Merry christmas

I would just like to wish all my members a merry Christmas and a happy new year and my thoughts go out to everyone who has lost a child to the ss especially this time of year thanks once again for your support x

Hi ya

I would just like to say welcome to all new members and to say my site offers some comfort to u all knowing there are many more people in your situation xxx

Hi members

Lets hope the new year brings new rules xxx Happy new year to all xxx

They never give up do they

well members they did it that took my last grandchild 2 days ago be-course her mother brought her to see us over xmas. she is now in foster care until a court date for them to get a protection order to keep her with the foster carers they have made meeting…Read More

This is jodi -lee

This is my granddaughter they have just taken away i swear i will prove them liers if it kills me x

carnt take much more

its happening again to me the ss have sent an order to my son and his girlfriend to be in court tomorrow they are aplying for an intrim care order to take my grandaughter away into foster care my grandaughter is now 2 years old this is going to totally…Read More
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