To end the exploitation of carriage horses in Philadelphia.

In order to generate profit to a few companies and provide entertainment to tourists, horses are harnessed to cart us around the city. The harder they work -- day and night, in all seasons -- the more money in tips the driver makes. They are obliged to work on hard pavement in dangerous, unhealthful and unnatural conditions.

This is an injustice to horses, who are social beings, and who evolved over the millennia to live with other animals and run free. Humans have long taken for granted our need and even our right to use them, but this is now being questioned. In a day when trains, trolleys and cars abound, in a time when human ethics expand to understand using animals in various forms of entertainment as injustice, the habit of using horse-drawn vehicles is being ended in numerous cities where it’s existed.

We are confident that the City of Philadelphia can find other ways to preserve and herald the historic richness of this city without resorting to a tradition that puts other conscious beings in harnesses for our amusement. Our message is simple: Horses are not commercial vehicles, and dominating animals is not romantic.

1. Horses should run in green pastures.

2. The city is no place for a horse.

3. We support a movement in which major and smaller cities say no to horse-drawn vehicles, because horses came into the world for their own reasons.