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Your donation at work in Malawi!

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Thanks for being part of the Bola Moyo cause! Do you ever wonder what your monthly donation to Bola Moyo can do? These are just a few examples of your monthly donation “at work” :

* $20/month covers 5 youths at the House of Many Stories youth program
* $40/month covers 6 children at our Adult Literacy and Continuing Education (ALiCE) daycare facility
* $60/month will put 10 women through our ALiCE program
* $100/month covers the cost of putting 5 secondary students through school
* $150/month would cover the anticipated cost of the forthcoming Lioness Girls’ Empowerment program (fall 2009)

This is an exciting time for Bola Moyo, as we are on the cusp of change and expansion. Please consider partnering with us and be a part of our work in creating a better life with the women and youth of Malawi. Many thanks for your support!

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