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Program updates and your contribution

Hi Everyone,

I hope you're all enjoying the finishing touches of summer 2009! Please read our August 2009 Program Updates here, if you haven't enjoyed reading them already:

I also wanted to let you know that Bola Moyo has 12 days left in our online summer fundraising effort. Please give what you can, either via the Cause or the Bola Moyo site (via Paypal and other means):
Every little bit counts for us!!

Monthly partners, no matter the amount they give per month, are extremely important to us. We're also seeking monthly partners to sustain our programs through the rest of 2009-2010. Find out more about our monthly partner program today:

You can see what your contribution can do for our programs in Malawi here:

Zikomo kwambiri (many thanks), and see you soon!

Desirée Cooper
Field Director
Bola Moyo
[email protected]

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