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Bola Moyo in the Bay Area! - House Parties on Fri, July 24th and Sun, July 26th

We are very pleased to offer TWO unique opportunities to connect with Bola Moyo in the Bay Area in the coming weeks. Unique, you ask? Why yes! Due to some amazing technological advances, we can now introduce you face-to-virtual face with our friends in Malawi (via Skype). We hope you will join us and hear from them directly about the HOPE that is growing in this little community so heavily affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty.

And of course, you’ll also get to hear from us - Dustin and Cara, and meet our newly adopted son Moses (from Malawi).

There is no minimum contribution to attend these events, though we do hope you’ll bring your checkbook to help us further our amazing youth education and adult literacy programs.

- Friday, July 24th ~~ 6:30-8:30 PM
- At the home of Ron and Rebbie Knapp, Bola Moyo supporters and board member (Ron)
- 604 Iglesia Court, Antioch, CA 94509 ~~ Phone: 925-778-0121
- Light refreshments will be served.

See the Facebook Page for this event here:

- Sunday, July 26th ~~ 2:00 – 5:00 PM
- At the home of Dave & Cindy Sidley (Cara’s parents, and faithful Bola Moyo supporters)
- 12 Obsidian Ave, Hercules, CA 94547 ~~ Phone: 510-245-7059
- Bring your swimsuit, enjoy light refreshments, and meet some very proud grandparents!

See the Facebook Page for this event here:

Give us a call at 503-508-8898 or drop us a line: [email protected].

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