To give death penalty to children killers.

Help us by signing a petition to pass the Brianna's Law, to give the death penalty to child abusers who kill children, and harsher punishment for those who abuse but the child survives. Check the link above or bellow to read more and sign. also you can search Youtube for Briana Lopez .
Who can hurt such an angel? She looks like she sleeps, but in fact that picture was taken at the morgue.



This is the thing, I used to teach at an elementary school, where one of these cases touched me and all the teachers and staff there, two sisters that went to school with us 6 and 7 years plus their 1 1/2 baby sister were put to live with their grandparents for some reason, it was the worse thing that could have ever happen to them, their grandpa started molesting them then raped them (all three) that week we saw the change, then one of our teachers walked in by accident into the classroom restroom and saw bloodied panties on the 6 year old, from that moment all hell broke lose in our town, the man gave himself in, and the girls were put on child protective services, too late. The harm was already done, we all cried out of anger and I started this after I saw Brianna's story, too many children hurt, some adults we might know, be it a friend a relative have gone through this and should be able to feel that there will be punishment to those who harm our kids, because they are all our kid!!!

Please sign the petition, we need your help.

1. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/briannaslaw