10 years of injustice

Today is the 9th of june 2009. today, exactly ten years ago, from across the border, came pakistans 'good will gesture'. six coffins, with six stories of of bravery in them. six men, tortured, mutilated and................ dead. nobody could recognise them, young guys , of athletic built and tough minds had been reduced to immensely and intensely tortured pieces of flesh. they came back home, just as they promised, but not quite, the way they had hoped to return. they were given heroes' welcome, but not with garlands and sweets, it was given with tears and a full military funeral, with the last post playing in the background, as the military personnel, friends and families said goodbye and saluted them, one last time. but as i once said, in an earlier announcement, people tend to forget too soon, the goddess of justice is truly blind, 10 years have gone by, but no justice for them, no gallantry award for them. just the tears which their near and dear ones shed each day, each moment. may they be blessed by the almighty god, who chose to test them in such a cruel way. and i appeal to all of you to spend a minute in prayer for these men, whenever you find time, today. don't forget them. just spend a minute in silence, in rememberance, in reverance and in prayer.................. for them, as a mark of respect and gratitude.thank you.

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