Just like summer, the campaign is heating up!!!

Just like summer, the campaign is heating up! And why should you be missing all the fun? Take the opportunity to let your friends and family what's at stake if we pass I-1033. The campaign's web site is at www.noI033.com. Check it out. While you're there I…Read More

The Challenge is on

We need to let our friends and family, neighbors and co-workers know just how devastating the passage of I-1033 would be for our schools, our police and fire departments, our libraries and roads, our children and our seniors, our parks and our economy. If…Read More

Warm weather brings out paid signature gatherers, think before you ink, decline to sign I-1033.

It's Memorial Day weekend and the weather promises to be absolutely fantastic. As a result, there will be lots of paid signature gatherers at all the community events (Folk Life in Seattle among others) all around the state. Please think before you sign any…Read More

Further CUTS to education could, no, will happen if I-1033 passes

Today, May 15th is the day when all school districts across our state had inform their teachers of any impeding layoffs. Many have been receiving these notices in the past few weeks. Our state legislature and Governor passed and signed a budget that could not…Read More

Decline to sign I-1033, but sign on to the cause!!!

Tim Eyman needs to collect 241,154 signatures to get 1033 on the November ballot by July 3rd. Let's get 250,000 of our friends, family, acquaintances to sign on to our cause. Let's show others that we care about today and tomorrow. So if you haven't sent an…Read More
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