To provide children around the world with new opportunities to explore, experiment and express themselves. We call it “learning learning.”

One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) is a non-profit organization founded by MIT Professor Nicholas Negroponte and a team of educators, developers and technologists dedicated to educating children in developing nations with the goal of eradicating poverty.

Most of the nearly two–billion children in the developing world are inadequately educated, or receive no education at all. One in three does not complete the fifth grade. The individual and societal consequences of this chronic global crisis are profound. Children are consigned to poverty and isolation — just like their parents — never knowing what the light of learning could mean in their lives.

OLPC has developed the XO laptop, the first laptop ever created specifically for the purpose of educating children in developing countries. The XO is a children’s machine, designed to tap into a child’s innate capacities to learn, share and create. The rugged design and sealed casing make the XO the only laptop capable of being used in outdoor classrooms and in harsh environmental conditions, powered with human energy.

Offer Details
Give 1 Get 1 is a philanthropic campaign intended to help put XO laptops into the hands of children in the developing world.
• Limited time offer. Nov 12-Nov 26, 2007.
• Offer available to residents of North America.
• Your $399 donation covers the cost of two XO laptops. One will be given to a child in the developing world. One will be sent to you for the child in your life.
• $199 is tax deductible ($399 minus the fair market value of the laptop you receive).
• Quantities are limited. Early purchasers have the best chance to receive their XO laptop in time for the holidays.
• To donate/order, go to laptopgiving.org or call 1-877-70-LAPTOP.

The Revolutionary XO Laptop
The XO laptop has features not found in any other laptop:
• Rugged design and sealed case to make it water- and shock-resistant
• High-resolution screen can be read in direct sunlight, as well as indoors in the dark
• A mesh (peer-to-peer) network turns each laptop into a full-time router connecting each laptop and allowing for easy Internet access
• Lower power consumption (using only 5-10 percent the wattage of a normal laptop)
• Can be powered without electricity with pull chords, solar panels, and hand cranks
• Contains no lead, mercury, cadmium or PVC
• No moving parts, except for rabbit ears (for the mesh network) and the hinge
• Runs on a free, open source software

1. I wear my XO like my pair of shoes.

2. I have good XO shoes for a long walk.

3. A healthy education is a vaccination, it reaches everybody and protects from ignorance and intolerance.

4. When we talk together we stay together.

5. Give me a free and open environment and I will learn and teach with joy.