Stand For Freedom

It is clear that people are not willing to roll over and Kentuckians are not giving up without a fight. This transcends politics, groups, or individuals at this point; this is the people once again rising up with a single voice. On Thursday April 1 at…Read More

State Sovereignty Curtain Call

This weekend, despite this overwhelming public opposition and political activism, the Democratic Party in Washington has rejected the will of the American people. This week, despite overwhelming public out cry and the people’s voice, the Democratic Party in…Read More

Action to do today

Now more than ever before in the history of this Commonwealth we need to focus on our Sovereignty and states rights. I do not need to tell you the relevance and current importance of the State Sovereignty Resolution (HCR10). Today when you are wondering what…Read More

Sovereignty Stampede part III

First please everyone keep those in DC in your prayers and please everyone light a candle tonight and place it in your windows to show your opposition against the healthcare bill. I know there is a lot going on with Healthcare and everything else. We have…Read More

Urgent Action State Sovereignty

We have an urgent request for anyone that can spare 1 hour and be in Frankfort tomorrow Friday March 19th from 9:00am – 10:00am!!! The State Sovereignty Resolution HCR10, which we have been working on since last June, is in the red zone and we need…Read More

Action Alert - State Sovereignty

- Call the Legislative Message line in Frankfort (1-800-372-7181). Leave this message for the HOUSE ELECTIONS COMMITTEE MEMBERS: "I support House Concurrent Resolution 10 and want it passed out of committee." We need Democratic support in the House if this…Read More


State Capitol Annex Tuesday March 9th, 2010 7:30 AM The time has come for us to take action on our State Sovereignty! It has become apparent that the majority of our legislators are not listening; especially the House Elections Committee and its chair Darryl…Read More
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