To prevent the destruction of the open space on Salt Lake City's Library Square. The latest threat to the open space on SLC's Library Square is a proposal to place part of a nuclear submarine on the open space - 180 feet worth (taking up almost 30% of the block face).

SLC's Library Square green space is at risk of being lost, to of all things - a decommissioned nuclear submarine! The citizen's of SLC worked long and hard to establish the essential, peaceful green space on Library Square - it should not be sacrificed for a monument to military might.

1. The SLC Library Square open space is a critically important part of Salt Lake City.

2. The Library Square open space was developed through an extensive and lengthy community input process.

3. Salt Lake City has a shortage of open space that the Library Square open space was designed to ameliorate.

4. A nuclear submarine monument can be put elsewhere or, the nuclear sub can simply be recycled, which was the Navy's original intent.