Great party this Saturday? Check.

If you haven't heard already, we're just two days away from the Institute's 40th Anniversary bash here in Durham, and a quick run-down shows why this is one event you won't want to miss: GREAT SPEAKERS? Check. Rev. Lennox Yearwood, electrifying leader of the…Read More

Election Watch 2010

As a voice for change in the South, let your voice be heard when you speak out against threats to voter rights and those who stand in the way of free and fair elections. Join ISS's Election Watch 2010 Cause on Facebook and support the Institute for Southern…Read More

Please join ISS page

Thanks for supporting the Institute for Southern Studies. We hope you are already member of the ISS facebook page: Please follow us there, if you haven't already. Thank you!

Send me and Sue to investigate the Gulf Coast next week

Friends: The BP oil spill is one of our country's biggest disasters ever -- and for many on the Gulf Coast, the situation is only getting worse. But do you feel like you're getting the whole story about the BP disaster? Over and over again, BP and…Read More

CENSUS DAY: What's at stake?

CENSUS DAY: WHAT'S AT STAKE? Today is Census Day. Yes, it's also April Fool's Day (whose bright idea was that?), but the 2010 Census count is serious business. Why? For one, the economy. Communities simply can't afford not to be counted in the 2010 Census…Read More

NC Haiti Action: Can we raise $2,000 for emergency relief today? (yes!)

Dear Friends: After this week's devastating earthquake, the people of Haiti desperately need our help. In response, the Institute for Southern Studies has launched NC Haiti Action [], a campaign to mobilize the North Carolina…Read More

What was YOUR favorite story of 2009?

We did it! After sifting through 719 stories we wrote in 2009 (whew!), we came down to our Top 10 favorites for 2009. Now you tell us: What is YOUR favorite?? Let us know at Facing South: .. or on the Institute fan…Read More
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