plzzz donate !

number have gone to 2.2 million! just imagine wt difficulties they must b facing! consider urself there nd then do wtever u may feel like! we can b the next victom tomorrow ,so plzz realise condition nd do as much as u can! I know many of u must be doin alot…Read More

message Swat on 4361 to help the needy!

its an apeal to all those well brought up ! plzzz help those ppl,livin under no shadow,lyin on hard stones ! children cryin for food! they r non others than our own people!! plzzz dun donate until u see them on television nd realise on your own!

plzz help!

for this cause,wt easily we can do is to message SWAT on 4361, and 10 rs will b donated for this cause! plzz see on television nd b aware tht how much pain nd problems they are suffering from!!


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