Latest Update on Viva Palestina: Convoy Stopped at Suez Canal by Egyptian Authorites

Salam All, After arriving in Cairo and gathering trucks and medical aid, the convoy is now en route to its destination However, we have been informed that the convoy has been stopped at the Suez Canal by Egyptian authorities. Please read the following update…Read More

It's Finally Here!

Salam All, After months of preparation and anticipation, the departure of the Viva Palestina convoy from the United States is finally here! Many thanks for everyone's hard work and participation in any and every way possible. The amount of work that has been…Read More

Donation Link Up! Be the First to Donate!

Salam All, Thanks to recruiting efforts and such, we now have almost 1,900 members of the Viva Palestina US Cause on Facebook. We have less than two weeks before the convoy departs. Registration for the convoy is now closed and the itinerary and more…Read More

Online Donation Link!

Salam All, We are just a month away from launching the lifeline to Gaza from the United States! Thank you all for organizing, fundraising, recruiting and promoting. Please continue to invite your friends to this cause page to keep them updated and…Read More

If You Are in NYC...Come to Our Event at Columbia!

VOICES for GAZA- Featuring Ayman Mohyeldin, Mohammad Al-Kassim, Remi Kanazi & Tahani Salah What: Voices for Gaza -- A Fundraiser for the Viva Palestina US Convoy to Gaza When: Friday, May 15, 2009 @ 6:30 PM Where: Room 416 Altschul Auditorium, School of…Read More

Upcoming Events in NYC!

Salam, Thank you for joining the Viva Palestina US Cause page. It has been only about a day and we already have over 60 members. Keep inviting your friends and be on the lookout for upcoming events and opportunities to help the cause! Viva Palestina NY will…Read More

Stay Tuned!

We are working on setting up online and Facebook donations accounts that will directly benefit the US Viva Palestina convoy to Gaza. In the meantime, please feel free to donate via post mail by sending a check payable to "IFCO - Viva Palestina" to the…Read More
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