to assist with creating cultural appreciation & enrichment programs in the United Virgin Islalnds

PEACEGreetings in all the languages of our Ancestors...

KWANZAA365 is not just another organization, a club or a business… and it's not just a website:
In the way the we unite individuals, families, agencies and beyond, it is a message, a mission statement if you will, to get across the idea that Afrakan people of the Diaspora need to get back to the 'village mentality' in order to teach ourselves and our leaders of tomorrow how to:
1. be unified at all times, in all ways, even if acting alone
2. be self-determined in all efforts
3. collectively work together and be responsible for one another and our environments
4. cooperatively gain economically
5. always know and remember our purpose(s) in life
6. use creativity in any situation
7. always keep the faith (in whatever faith might mean to the individual, as their consistency in their disciplines and practices shall be respected and encouraged (as we firmly believe that the fundamentals of most spiritual/religious systems are essentially analogous)

1. Nguzo Saba (7 Principles of Kwanzaa)

2. Ma'at (Truth, Righteousness, Reciprocity, Order, Balance...)

3. www.KWANZAA365.info