Say NO to aerial bombing! They should be brave and compassionate enough to send ground forces

Pak army is planning to start a series of major aerial attacks on the Malakand division as is shown in this news report:

Aerially bombing the malakand division would do no good. There are millions still stranded in the region.

To kill those millions, and destroy their homes, crops, hospitals in the persuit of just a few thousand talebans (most of whom might be sitting safe in some caves and would just be waiting for the war to stop) is insane, illogical, and BRUTAL.

Please rise up to say NO to aerial shelling. Pak army has large number of ground forces. They must send their ground forces only , and there should be no PAF jets bombing the region unless they are 100% sure (and they will never be so sure) that they are targettting the right place.

It is so worrysome to see that many people, specially most of my Pashtun brothers I talk to blindly believe that this whole action is just a drama to get more dolllars from America and other Intl' powers.
I wonder what are the thoughts of those about us, about Pakistan, etc whose loved ones are killed and whose homes, businesse are all reduced to rubbles.

We need not to see another Bangladesh in the making.

Please rise up. Help the IDPs as well as protest against the aerial bombings.

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