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phone call from SWAT--the army operation and ground reality

Wake UP before SWAT is vanished

This is to inform all of you that will never and never allow the use of airstrikes on main cirty (Mingora) swat. It is a great game of destruction in that region planned by PM, CEOS and Air-cheif.The chief justice should issue a stay order ASAP.We need army…Read More

Links for donations for Pashtuns IDPs

Dear all, I hope we all care about the sufferings of the pashtuns in Pukhtunkhwa and therfore I have initiated the cause. If any one wanna sent donations on his own then it will be the best , but if still you dont have any access to the people who are bussy…Read More

Thanks for Joing the cause

Dear brothers and sisters, I am thankfull to all of you for joing this cause. But the purpose of the cause is ACTION and only ACTION. The number of IDPs is more than a million which is a terrible situation. I hope you will circulate this message to all…Read More
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