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Thanks for affiliating with GI-NET, America's Giving Challenge

Hi there!

First, THANK YOU for creating a cause to support Genocide Intervention Network! We are so grateful for your support for our work to abolish genocide.

I want to let you know about an awesome opportunity--from now through November 7-- to support GI-NET through Facebook Causes.  It's called America’s Giving Challenge, a month-long competition for Facebook Causes.  The Cause that can get the most $10 donations by November 7 at 3PM EST wins a prize of $50,000 for their organization!  The goal is to get as many unique donors as possible, although your members can donate up to one time per day and still count towards the challenge. 

With enough people giving $10, we can raise $50,000, making a difference for the people of Darfur, eastern Burma, Congo and beyond who deserve protection from genocide and mass atrocities.

As an administrator, you can help us by entering your Facebook Cause in America's Giving Challenge (you can opt-in on your Facebook Cause admin page) and by asking your members to make a $10 donation.  I hope you will send Bulletins and Notices to promote the challenge your members, and also message your top recruiters and ask them to help.  Also, please encourage your members to become a fan of the GI-NET Facebook page ( so they can stay up-to-date with our progress. 

Thanks again for supporting our work.  Please let me know if you have any questions, either about the Challenge or about GI-NET.


Victoria Smith

GI-NET Development Associate

[email protected]

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