Raise Awareness, Give these children the best chance for a good life.

I would love to raise money for children born with heart defects.
There needs to be more research into this area so we can know why this happens and try to prevent these children from all the suffering they have to endure.

All funds raised from this group go directly to www.tchin.org

My website is www.mymiraclebaby.piczo.com

My daughter was born with a very severe heart disorder (shones). There was not much information on it and I had to really search the internet and questions doctors to get answers.

To visit a heart site go to www.tchin.org

1. These children need the best start we can give them.

2. Our children are our greatest treasures.

3. Parents need all the support they can get.

4. CHD not only afftects the sick child, it affects the whole family.

5. www.mymiraclebaby.piczo.com