Stop the vacant bedroom charges

the ultimate conservatie expenses piss take ( Please jointhis cause, even though the petition is closed it is worth showing support to stop a British dictator…Read More

The political fight never ends

Hey guys could you please add yourself to this new cause to try and stop the government from changing the disability benefit, take the poll, write on the wall if you want, sign petition and just generally look up the info on the cause if you like. Thanks…Read More

NOTA (None Of The Above)

Hi everyone, I am just sending a quick email to say sorry there have been no new updates in the last week or so but i have been really busy for the last week or so. I will be posting new news through the week. I am sending this to everone as i hope that…Read More

MP's expenses a full list

Gerry Adams and four other Sinn Fein MPs claimed more than £500,000 over five years even though they refuse to attend Parliament Adam Afriyle has not made any claims on his second home allowance Douglas Alexander spent more than £30,000 doing up his…Read More

Labour candidates turn on negligent Gordon Brown

Signs are that Labour activists this weekend have had a torrid time on the doorstep – one candidate reports having a door slammed shut in her face. This has led about 70 activists and candidates to sign a letter to the Labour NEC chair, Cath Speight, in which…Read More

Met prepared to launch criminal inquiries into alledged misuse of mps expenses

Britain's most senior police officer said today he is prepared to launch criminal inquiries into alleged misuse of MPs' expenses. The Metropolitan police commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson, denied speculation that senior members of his force are reluctant to…Read More
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