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Six Minutes May Help Save the Arts in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania General Assembly wants to pass a state budget by June 30. We don't have much time left...I'm pleading with you to take six (6), yes 6 minutes of this afternoon to make three telephone calls to help us save the arts in Pennsylvania.

Please give your PA State Senator, PA House member, and Governor Corbett a call to tell them that you support a budget that includes $8.262 million for grants to the arts and $895,000 for the administration of the Council on the Arts. With over 18,000 friends on the Save the Arts in Pennsylvania cause, there's the potential of having an enormous impact on the final negotiations for the budget.

Phone numbers for your legislators and Governor Corbett can be found by visiting our Legislative Action Center at Type your zipcode in the box at the right top corner of the page.

If you want to Save the Arts in Pennsylvania, you'll take those six minutes to make three phone calls. Do it today, please!

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