Can you help GI-NET in America's Giving Challenge?

Hi Admins, America’s Giving Challenge is almost halfway done and we still need support from you and the members of your Facebook cause! A big way you can support GI-NET is by joining the Challenge (it's not too late!) and asking your cause members to donate…Read More

Can you help GI-NET in America's Giving Challenge?

Hi, and thanks again for joining a cause affiliated with Genocide Intervention Network!  If you're not already a fan of GI-NET on Facebook, you can become a fan here: (  You can also text "fan…Read More

Thanks for facebooking to end genocide!

Hi, THANK YOU for being a member of a Facebook cause that supports Genocide Intervention Network! Want to learn more about our work to abolish genocide? Fan our GI-NET Facebook page and stay up-to-date on our progress here:…Read More

Thanks for affiliating with GI-NET, America's Giving Challenge

Hi there! First, THANK YOU for creating a cause to support Genocide Intervention Network! We are so grateful for your support for our work to abolish genocide. I want to let you know about an awesome opportunity--from now through November 7-- to support…Read More

Change Haiti Can Believe in Tonight in New England

Haiti JusticeBlog -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Change Haiti Can Believe in Tonight in New England Posted: 12 Jun 2009 10:06 AM PDT Technorati Tags: Paul Farmer,Haiti Tonight at…Read More

Looking for administrators/inputs for online petition

Hi everyone, Our membership is increasing rapidly, i would like to start an online petition outline The Haitian dilemna in the DR and in Haiti. I would like to get some inputs from all of you. I would also like to add couple folks as administrators, if…Read More


Hi everyone, i am welcoming our new members and thanking those who are continuing to increase our ranks. Yes, Congrats to all of you and your efforts in recruiting new folks to this cause. It shows leadership and committement. By exceeding our membership…Read More
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