Support your country

To every Jordanain young man and woman out there Support Jordan and be a member in the development process in the country, we are working on a project to promote Jordan's tourism and emphasize Jordan position on the world map, Support Jordan, and take part in…Read More

refresh your invitaions:)

hey everyone hope ur doing grat I read something about the size od the cause it didn't rach a town yet so we have to refrsh our invitations again so we can reach a higher number of peolpe because what this means is that our cause is so weak and peolpe in this…Read More

What is the most thing u really like in Jordan?

Guys please answer this question no matter how many things u like:)

Mabrook lal Faisaly:)

congradulations for Al-Faisaly F.C their honourable win over the Tunisian team 3-2 and qualifying to the next round tto the Arab champions league:)

A special request for my Jordanian Brothers.

As we noticed earlier that sm ppl are exceeding their limits while talking about the country (leadership & people) and what I want 2 say that again am feeling honestly sorry 4 what z being said because it does show some false accusations about the ppl of…Read More
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