Assisting people in becoming an organ donor in Jake Thompson's honor.

Hello everyone. For anyone who has been keeping tabs on my family and me over the past couple of months, we have experienced a lot of pain and loss. In time I know that my family will be okay and THANK YOU for all the kind words. Jake Thompson became an angel on March 4th and that is the day that his family made a very difficult but AMAZING decision, they donated organs to some very special and deserving people that allows Jake to live on. For my birthday wish I am asking for everyone to become an organ donor in honor of Jake. It is very simple…you follow the link below and fill out the form accordingly. You DO NOT have to put a phone or driver license number on the form. They will send you a card in the mail to sign and mail back for activation…it is that simple and free.


In the field “how did you hear about the Colorado Donor registry?” please select other and another field will appear. In that field please select Donor Alliance. This is the organization that worked with Clark and Judy Thompson through their most difficult time in their lives.

This link is only for Colorado/Wyoming residents but if you are interested in becoming an organ donor and you live in another state, I would be more than happy to find a simple way to get you signed up also…just let me know.

If you do not feel comfortable in this wish…I completely understand. Please keep Jake’s family and my own in your thoughts and prayers! That is what has helped me and it means EVERYTHING for all of your kind thoughts and prayers!
Love and be safe,

1. http://www.coloradodonorregistry.org/index.php?page=12

2. http://www.donoralliance.org/

3. http://www.active.com/page/Event_Details.htm?event_id=1661428&assetId=1b670a8f-4f80-4618-a525-c6094755457d